Point Park Blockhouse & England

Pittsburgh is built on the location where three rivers meet. Or two rivers join to become a third, depending on how you reckon such things. Imagine a capital letter ‘Y’ turned on its side with the open part to the right. That’s the pattern of Pittsburgh’s rivers, and where the Y forks off… that’s Point… Continue reading Point Park Blockhouse & England


Primanti’s (Yintzer: /per-MAN-nies/)

For lunch today I went to Market Square. Not surprising – I work half a block away. In Downtown Pittsburgh, Market Square is the equivalent of the Food Court. Large public square not far from the Point where the three rivers meet with some excellent food choices. Today, feeling equally hungry and nostalgic for my… Continue reading Primanti’s (Yintzer: /per-MAN-nies/)

Daily Discipline · Journal · Writing

Back toward a daily discipline

Schedules are beginning to settle down a bit into a routine. Routine allows for building in all of the small daily discipline steps I’ve been trying to for a little while now. Getting the daily routine expanded and stable is basically the main goal that I’ve had for ages, even in the years pre-move. Always… Continue reading Back toward a daily discipline

Work Life

Simply amazing anything gets done at all

I had a ‘win’ at work, temporarily. Senior leadership just made internal announcements about a leadership conference and transparency and basically ate up an hour and a half of our time to shove complete and utter bullshit down our throats about how things are different, things are looking up, and if we could just manage… Continue reading Simply amazing anything gets done at all